How to Keep Your Cat Scratching Post in Good Shape?

Now that you finally bought a good scratching post or even a cat tree and your kitty’s already using it, it’s time to learn a few tips about the post itself. There are some things you need to do in order to keep the cat furniture clean, effective and good looking. You understand perfectly well that a worn out or dirty scratching post won’t do any good! It will only sit in a corner, occupying useful space and making your home look unappealing. A cat will never scratch a filthy post, you can be sure of that! Kitties are extremely clean animals, they are always very careful where they sleep, eat and play. So keep in mind that cats and good hygiene must come together!

How to keep your scratching post in good shape and how to clean it? First of all, by choosing the right cat scratching post – for your kitty, for you and your home. Fortunately, there are so many kinds of cat furniture available on the online market! It will be very easy for you to choose the most suitable one!

Before buying your post, think about the available space in your house and decide where you’ll be installing it. Also consider the vertical space, and choose the length of the post accordingly. And, very important – don’t forget that the size of the post has to match the size of your cat! Imagine what will happen if you’ll buy a tiny short scratching post for a big heavy tomcat! My thought exactly! Don’t make your cat lose his respect for you! Also, don’t forget that besides scratching, cats love to stretch on their posts, climb them and play around them. Cats usually ignore a scratching post if it’s too short and not suitable for stretching and climbing.

If your kitty already has many toys (you just adore to spoil her, don’t you?), buy her a standard cat scratching post. If you’re only planning to adopt a cat, you might want to consider getting everything at once – in this case, you’ll have to buy a more elaborate combination: a cat tree, a cat tower or a cat condo. You need more available space for this kind of cat furniture, but you can be sure that your kitten will be extremely happy!

How to clean a cat scratching post?
Of course, it’s easier to clean and take care of a simple cat scratching post. You have to dust it as often as possible and wash it from time to time. A wooden post is easy to wash and dry, but if your post is sisal covered or carpet covered, the procedure is more complicated. Wash it using a hard brush and make sure that all stains and dirt are thoroughly removed. In case you’re using a detergent, rinse the post with lots of water so no chemicals will remain in the material! After washing and rinsing the post, let it dry and only after that allow your cat to play with it. A wet post will be like a fertile soil for bacteria, so make sure it’s perfectly dry! Chemicals can be dangerous for the health of your kitty as well, so don’t clean the post with substances that don’t require rinsing. Keep in mind that chemicals can be more dangerous than dirt!

Remember that an old, filthy cat scratching post is not just ugly, but also dangerous for your kitty! If you want a happy cat that will bring you lots of joy, you have to take care of her furniture as well! A clean, safe and good-looking post is exactly what you both need!